Respect In Sport - Parent Program

* Effective with the 2013-14 hockey season, ALL PARENTS of newly registered players with Hockey Nova Scotia regardless of level must take the Respect in Sport Parent Program at their cost ($12).

To register now, click here.


Are both parents required to complete the course? 

No. Only one parent per family is required to complete the course.

What is the deadline to complete the course? 

This season parents will have until December 1.

What happens if I do not complete the course? 

Your child(ren) will be removed from the team.

Is the course only available online? 


What are my payment options? 

Credit Card or Paypal.

Who monitors course completion? 

Hockey Nova Scotia

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Hockey Nova Scotia works everyday to “Lead, Develop and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences.”  As part of this mission we continue to monitor all aspects in and around the game, particularly the ones which impact our young athletes. 

Recently in arenas, energy drinks (those containing stimulants and meant for adults) have started showing up in the hands of our young hockey players. This has created concern because of the health risk to our young players and their performance.

To address this risk, Hockey Nova Scotia has teamed up with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, Addiction Prevention and Treatment Services of Capital District Health and Doctors Nova Scotia to develop an approach and policy that addresses the use of energy drinks by young players. The approach and policy will focus on awareness of the risk and harm to young people who use these drinks; education for parents, coaches, and players on healthy energy alternatives; and prevention programs to keep energy drinks from being consumed by our young players.

Your input is a key part of the process as we work to develop our policy and approach regarding energy drinks. Please review the information here, consider the questions below and feel free to comment on our Facebook page, or e-mail HNS Risk Management Coordinator Beth Reid,

Have you seen or heard of young children consuming energy drinks?  Consider the advertising for these drinks, have you noticed them with target toward youth?

We want your input as we progress with this extremely important policy and we ask you submit your feedback by March 15th, 2012.

We are committed to ensuring our players, parents, coaches and volunteers are well informed on the topic of energy drinks and their use by young people and look forward to introducing a new “Energy Drink Policy” at the HNS Annual General Meeting in May, 2012.

Let us begin to understand together what energy drinks are, how they can negatively impact youth and how to seek out safe and healthy alternatives for player vitality and performance.

Energy Drinks - What You Need to Know / FAQ