The Middleton & District Minor Hockey Executive conducted a survey in the spring of 2011 to see what the challenges to hockey are and how we can help! The results are outlined below:

We asked you to rate the reasons from 1 (very important) to 5 (not important) why your son or daughter may NOT enroll hockey this upcoming season. This is what you said: (percentages are rounded to the nearest number. Not all respondents rated all reasons)

Price -                                 Travel Time & Cost -               Single Parent -             

53% rated this a 1                51% rated this a 1                   10% rated this a 1

18% rated this a 2                14% rated this a 2                    2% rated this a 2

10% rated this a 3                18% rated this a 3                    4% rated this a 3

4% rated this a 4                  6% rated this a 4                      8% rated this a 4

10% rated this a 5                6% rated this a 5                      49% rated this a 5

Too Rough -                          Other Sports -                         Just Not Interested -

14% rated this a 1                12% rated this a 1                    30% rated this a 1

2% rated this a 2                  8% rated this a 2                      6% rated this a 2

16% rated this a 3                22% rated this a 3                    20% rated this a 3

14% rated this a 4                4% rated this a 4                      2% rated this a 4

32% rated this a 5                34% rated this a 5                    32% rated this a 5

How will we address each of these concerns?

Price - the MDMH Executive is already hard at work fundraising so that each and every player enrolled in MDMH this coming season will receive an ‘executive discount’ on their registration fees. We have many other discounts available as well (family discount,first time player, etc.) Please see our 'Discounts' page. We’re also working on ways to decrease the cost of equipment.

Travel Time & Cost - when you choose to play on a recreational team in Middleton, the coaching staff hold a meeting at the beginning of the season. One of the items they discuss with you is how far you would like the team to travel. You do have a say in this decision! Talk to your coach! You may also want to consider car pooling! The entire team is traveling to a game, travel together!

Single Parent - this is a tough one because it usually requires letting someone know you could use a little help. It may be a bit awkward at first but it won't be long and that hockey team that your son or daughter plays on will soon start to feel almost like family and family helps each other out! If you can't make it to a game or practice because of a prior commitment or travel (or for any reason), let your team manager know. He or she will find a way to get your child there! The team will pull together!

Too Rough - there is no checking in any level in recreational hockey!

Other Sports - hockey is not for everyone, we certainly understand that but with our first year discount why not give it a try? If you decide it's not for you, and you withdraw before the end of December, half of your registration will be refunded to you.

Just Not Interested - give it a try! You never know!  

Addressing some specific concerns:

  • When you register your child to play hockey in Middleton you will be playing on a recreational team (Community hockey) out of Middleton. Rec teams have a strong focus on fun while teaching your child how to play the game of hockey. It is not as competitive as a rep league but you will see improvement in your child's skills!

  • Parents becoming 'too involved' and 'taking the fun out of the sport' has been a problem in the past but MDMH, Western Valley, Hockey Nova Scotia and Hockey Canada are continuously working to improve this! A new program has been developed for parents called 'Respect In Sport' and parents and coaching staff are all taught how to deal with disruptive parents. Did you know if a parent becomes too disruptive, he or she can be asked to leave the arena and not allowed to return for the remainder of the season? They will have to drop their child off at the door or arrange for someone else to bring them. It is not a pleasant situation, and we will try other solutions first, but it has been done in the past.

  • Middleton & District Minor Hockey is a non-profit organization and you, the membership, have every right to know what's going on within our organization. We will do our best to remain a transparent organization and we always encourage communication. If you ever have any questions, concerns or ideas please contact us!

  • It would be great to go through an entire season without any issues arising but that's just not realistic. It doesn't matter what sport you're playing, what job you have, or what you're doing, eventually there will be some conflict. We do have a process in place in these circumstances. Please see Complaint Process. One thing to keep in mind is that we cannot act on hearsay. We must receive the complaint in the proper form.

  • MDMH offers their teams one home game ice time per week. If your team wishes to play more home games, they can do that at their own expense and if there is available ice.

Again, we thank you for completing the survey. We will do everything we can we alleviate your concerns and truly hope to see your child on the ice!